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Monday, April 13, 2015

Youth in Cambodia and Khmer New Year ២៥៥៩​

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(Images from Cambodian Facebook Sharing)

Coming Khmer New Year Day, Cambodian youth has shown their talent and initiatives to promote Cambodia to the world! Many youth has been engaging with the campaign for technology, world record and social responsibility during this holiday for last few years including the Angkor Sangkranta in Siem Reap. Preparing for this event during Khmer New Year ២៥៥៩​, Cambodian Youth Union from different provinces and capital of Phnom Penh travelling to the same destination, Angkor Resort. This year they prepare many big events including 2015 traditional dancers and the biggest sticky rice cake (Nom Ansom Yeak) to get the Guinness World Records. According to news from VOD interviewed Mr. Som Rattana today in Facebook, the biggest sticky rice cake (Nom Ansom Yeak) was successfully registered into Guinness World Records for the total weight 4040 kg (More than 4 tons) promoting the tradition and culture of Cambodia. Besides that, many other traditional activities are ready to serve both local and foreign tourists such as famous ancient boxing, traditional dances, Lakhon Sromorl Sbaek Toch and Sbaek Thom, popular games... They're going to enjoy day and night at Angkor Ancient Town! At the same time, tourists could enjoy seeing the old temples around this area.

(Old Khmer - Pre-War)

Most of Cambodian teens leave Phnom Penh for hometown or short trip during Khmer New Year. Thousands of them are expected to go to support Angkor Sangkranta, the biggest event in Cambodia. Others go to enjoy and help family to prepare and celebrate Khmer New Year nationwide. They go with gift, food and drink granting to parents and relatives; they pay high respect and visit people in the village or neighbor. They decorate the house and surrounding area with special lighting. In each town, there is the firework and concert to promote Khmer New Year and tradition among youth including popular games, dancing and selling their sole product in each provinces. In Battambang Town, local residents and foreigners enjoyed firework, concert, popular games (breaking the pot), dancing, night market and good lighting decoration last night. It should be noticed that it's so funny for a brave foreign boy showing confident to challenges in popular games and dancing.

Wish everyone good luck and smile happily for this season! "We got it!  Yeah, Bravo Cambodia!"

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Earth Hour Cambodia 2015 by AYC & WWF

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Cambodian Youth is now motivated by the international campaign called, "Earth Hour". According AYC Team in cooperation with WWF, Earth Hour campaign is celebrated on March 28, 2015 in 162 countries including Cambodia, the third celebration. What does it mean? Earth Hour is the initiative action for all people around the globe to understand about the climate change going on recently and to know about the effect of over use of the electricity. Human being today uses the energy without knowing the cause of it. The technology to generate the power from hydro-dam does pollute the environment and if we overuse uselessly, it means we are causing the climate change. Let's turn off the light for one hour to express about the commitment to stop the climate change. Let's figure out and reduce the electric usage as much as possible when you don't need it. Please save the electricity and save our environment!

On March 28, 2015, AYC Teams do the best to organize the big event at Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) at 5:00PM until 8:30PM. They are very creative and initiative to make everyone enjoyable and aware of the concern on the useless electricity not in need. They put mats for all participants to sit down and enjoy the programs inside the football field. The team controls very well; they are young, but so talent in event management. For example, Mr. PHORK Visal does his best effort as AYC team member to make this movement forwards. That's the key point to be enjoyable about youth movement in Cambodia right now. We are ready! Are you ready? There are two famous singers to be there: Mr. CHHORN Sovannareach and Ms. MEAS Soksorphea giving two special songs each. Later, the special art shows about Lakhorn Sromorl and Monkey Remixed Traditional and Modern Dance who won the first rank in Hanoi Competition. Q&A Award session is so interesting to focus on the knowledge about Earth Hour and its mission. Lighting the candles in the field is the special session prepared by AYC Team; they share one candle each to all participants and give the light together to show that electric saving could be done by everyone! This is so great!

At the end of programs, the rain and wind starts up, but the event still continues till the end! This is the commitment that if we want to do it, you can do it! Do not forget to save your electricity for saving the earth!

"We are the first generation to be aware of the climate change and we are the last generation to find the solution for the climate change!", said Mr. Barack Obama, The U.S. President.

By: POK Panhavuth