Sunday, April 4, 2010

Battambang Province Overview

Battambang Province is the most famous rice producing province and a second biggest city in Cambodia. It locates in the northwest area near Tonle Sap Lake (Boeung Tonle Sap). It has boundary with Thailand (Changwat Trat, Changwat Chanthaburi, and Changwat Sakeo). Locally, it connected with Pailin Province, Banteay Meanchey Province, Siem Reap Province, Pursat Province, and Tonle Sap Lake (Great Lake). Noticeably, Banteay Meanchey used to be the part of Battambang Province and it was separated as Banteay Meanchey Province since 1987. It had been in peace again when civil war in Cambodia finished in 1998. Nowadays, Battambang has a population of 1,025,174 people equal 7.65% of the Cambodia's total population (2008 Cambodian Citizens Census). Most people are living in the rice field area and usually do the farming. However, many people living in Battambang city are likely to do business or work for private sector (Investing Company) and public sector (Royal Government of Cambodia). Furthermore, Battambang people, especially students are studious to learn foreign languages like Japanese, Chinese, English, French, Thai... Therefore, Battambang is now potential for tourism and foreign investment because most of Khmer Battambang can communicate well with foreigner. Finally, Battambang can be considered as "The Land of hope".

By: POK Panhavuth

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