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Welcome to Cambodia!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Comment to Gov't of Cambodia Related to Criminal Record Service

Recently, I just found out the weakness of the Cambodian government in providing service to Cambodian residents. Criminal record is very important for each citizen to use as the evidence standing on their dignity to catch up many opportunities; service for this record plays very significant role in serving citizens. However, I have observed there is the lack of good service conduct related to Criminal Record in Cambodia today. Each person normally needs to wait 20 working days after completing the application attached with photos (4x6), Birth Certificate, National Identity Card, and Family Book. So long to wait, people feel very bored related to this service. The government should figure out the best solution cutting the waiting days to one week or two weeks is suitable. The other issues related to this service are there is only one place at the Ministry of Justice serving all citizens throughout Cambodia and only one person to share the criminal records back to citizens through the very small window like jail window. Living throughout the country, all citizens have only one choice is to come to Phnom Penh applying for the criminal record at the Ministry of Justice. What is really the effectiveness and efficiency of service the government thinking to provide her citizens? Each province and city of Cambodia should have a proper place for citizens to do criminal records; each criminal record department in all province could keep communication firmly with the Ministry of Justice for this service guaranteeing the transparency of the criminal record service lawfully. Furthermore, sharing the criminal record back by a civil servant, is it suitable to share on time without letting each citizen to wait one hour or more? Sometimes, citizens went there and wait for one hour or two hours getting nothing since a civil servant slowly shared the criminal record. Going there in the morning around 9:00 AM and waiting until 11:00 AM, they were asked to take back their paper wasting time at the Ministry of Justice because a civil servant could share only fifty percent of the people waiting for criminal record; Citizens have to go back in the afternoon at 2:00 PM with unclear hope to get criminal record on time or not if more people go to take it, too. Only the fast person going to the Ministry of Justice early could get criminal record within that session. The government should reorganize the structure for this service and the strategy to serve citizens effectively and efficiently. Why don't the government transfer more staff for criminal record sharing? Why don't the government redecorate the criminal record department more attractive and comfortable for citizens to wait? "Just a small comment, accepting and finding the solutions is really the intention of the criticism"