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Welcome to Cambodia!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Concern of the Citizens, "Time to Change"

Political instability is the most concerned issue to all Cambodian residents. War, political conflict and economic crisis in the past along with border conflict, environmental problems and social issues still happen in this country catching the citizens' attention very much and make them so worried from day to day. 

Recently, the accuse of election fraud and the demonstration against CPP by CNRP get Cambodia down in term of the political stability because of the unbearable situation over the poor such as residential housing confiscation mainly in Phnom Penh and some parts of rural area, especially the flow of Vietnamese into Cambodia. Even though that is a relief that both parties has been on the table, there is still no resolution to solve the issue because of the different concepts; one still demands to find the truth with the equal power in the government while the other wish to run the government with today result in agreement with the king. Honestly speaking, the main trend for the change in the election poll is because of the running previous government without caring much about the social complaint on the government services and individually too powerful in the line of government officials. How could residents satisfy to such government in term of democracy and free market? Have the government officials ever asked themselves on how effectiveness and efficiency their leadership and management is? Do they serve the country with nationalism and best effort? If they do so, why such bad service still occurring in today government from low level to high level? Just an example, there is a comparison on Facebook between the service charge for doing passport in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia resulting the Cambodia in the highest pricing and long time service to get just this passport. Do they ever know how hurt Cambodian themselves get to see such comparison while the government is still too proud of their power? Cambodian has suffered from the war and political conflicts over decades, especially the bad sight from some foreign nationalities over Cambodia today. Who will take responsibility for this? All Cambodians will take this as the part of this nation. In the clear perspectives, the government is admirable from the start to stabilize the country and choose the right option for the economic development (free market); however, it is so disappointed with the corruption, the decrease of national resources, nepotism, the lack of food security check, the remarkable downward trend of food supply (fish), the rocketing number of Vietnamese plus many long term economic concessions, the low quality of educational system comparing to neighboring countries, and the bigger gap between the rich and the poor. This causes the political opportunism to CNRP newly created to get more votes from her residents. In contrast, CNRP shows the promise to people that they will change current situation and solve all the problems including the large number of illegal Vietnamese throughout Cambodia. On the other hand, there is also not fully trust to CNRP with just their promise; more and more people votes for them in exchange of the decreasing power of today government officials and the change for better; some regrets because of the view on the some political chaos lately. It is not sure for CNRP to be the best for Cambodia; it might be just the stepping stone for Cambodia to change for better meaning it does not matter whether to change the today leader or not, but the main purpose is to make the change to Cambodia in overall. 

In the conclusion, government themselves should reconsider for what kind of weakness they have and make a change of those in term of better Cambodian society and government service. It is not only simple criticism, but it is surely the complaint for better. Do not ever think that only you have the power of authority, but people are the main power of the country's leadership! You just get role to serve them, not to use them for yourself and family member! Similarly, CNRP should choose the right decision not only for power, but for better! The demonstration as well as other aims to hinder the the establishment of the new government is not the wise choice. Please accept the possibility and go on for better solution!