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Welcome to Cambodia!

Welcome to Cambodia!

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kid Animation Brave KIRIKOU [FR] (+playlist)

Kirikou is so popular throughout the world for the brave behavior. The story tells us about the what going on of the rural life in Africa in the ancient time as the legend. How the strange the kid was born and how the difference between this small kid and other children. Kirikou is so small, but also brave and hard-working to accompany his mother all the time during her work. He learns day by day about the village and the surrounding under the influence of a known powerful cruel lady. From time to time, Kirikou plays very important role to solve the issue around the village as well as to protect the children from being arrested. One day he is drowning because of finding the water for the whole village, but luckily he is fine and everyone appreciate for what the best of his achievement is. Kirikou observes and knows more about the powerful lady as well as the powerful old man living behind the Caraba's place, he wishes to meet that old man. His mother helps him to get the way through the underground. He does experience a lot of things, especially helping the small squirrels that their family brings to him a lot of gifts. Kirikou is also creative to the nature as the way to escape from the eyes from Caraba's place. Next, he does experience the wild pig to lead him towards the old man cave that at he lasts he reaches his goal. The old man instructs him to pull out the nail from Caraba's back that she will return to the very simple lady. At last, Kirikou succeeds and gets the first kiss becoming his first love with the change to normal young man. They live happily ever after in the village after everyone reads his story.