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Welcome to Cambodia!

Welcome to Cambodia!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Huy Meas, Neang Meas Metrey, and Her Collections

Huy Meas has been so popular since the early of 1960s for her valuable songs, reading poem, role play in Lakhon Niyeay, and radio hosting programs. She was once said to win the provincial singing competition and surprise to every residents. Coming from Battambang province, she abandoned her study at diploma level at school and started her career as prominent singer In Steung Khiev Restaurant along with Ros Sereysothea, Pen Ran and Im Songseum. Then moving to capital for more opportunities, she lived near Pov Om School in Toul Kork! Her tiny sweet voice allowed her to gain attention from audience so quickly. Her talent in singing brought her fame with help of elder artists, lyricists and musicians. Then she got a chance to join national radio team for several programs, mostly Lakhon Niyeay and hosting singer interview and song narration. Her professional title was Neang Meas Metrey for radio and Thida Somleng Roneat Ek for song. Her most famous songs are Reatrey Sekong, Veasna Chomkar Somrong, Somphors Borey Chulong, Por Neang Meastrey, etc. Beside singing, she also showed her talent with her special tiny sweet voice in Lakhorn Niyeay mostly with Mr. Nheok Sokhom and national radio team such as Kompong Thom Chumrum Chet, Pka Sla Rus Roy, Banher Snae, Kbot Peak Sonya, Srolanh Bong Chea Nich, Chhnam Oun 16, ChaEt Chet Pros Snae...... There is a record posted to YouTube for her poem reading, so let's enjoy her collections as below: