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Welcome to Cambodia!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cambodia & Her Health Science

College Students Studying Health Science in Sangkum Reastr Niyum Regime (1955 - 1970)

Being the most ancient Kingdom in mainland South East Asia, health science has been playing significant role in daily life of people in Cambodia. There are many ways of treatment throughout the kingdom. In the early stage of health science’s evolvement, ancient doctors used the natural drugs taken from forest or green plants around their living place. It was true that in that generation, each family also had their own ways of treatment transferred from their ancestors while only the king had royal excellent skilled doctor group. In Angkor Era, health science for residents in the kingdom was improved under the lead of King Jayavarman VII; there were many ancient hospitals built along the national road linking from Angkor Capital to other main cities of Angkor Empire. Many kinds of natural drugs were stored in each ancient hospital and used for public treatment. Later, the health science was almost lost through internal and external wars in this kingdom. Until Sangkum Reastr Niyum Regime (1955-1970), the health science full of modern equipments & techniques getting from France grew quickly again and many famous specialized doctors and nurses serving local citizens confidently; all residents in that regime showed their trust on local health service. However, the later three decades from early 1970s to end 1990s conflicts and wars in Cambodia, both human resources and equipments in health science were completely lost in the war and everything for health science has been being slowly recovered until today. Poor service in some public hospital was known to local people; most of the rich families in the Kingdom went to nearby countries for their treatments while poor people were patient to use health service in public hospital mostly less standard service. Today, many private hospitals have been opening and operating day to day to satisfy the needs in health science in stead of the public hospital. Lacking of professional skills is not really applied to all of human resources in health science, but the habits after war is teaching new human resource to adapt the bad habits from previous generation. In order to recover quickly, there should be more actions to eliminate those habits and apply the good standard as the human resources in Sangkum Reastr Niyum Regime. Research should be done to note all the good practices of Khmer human resource in health science from 1953 to 1975 in order to release the effective and efficient ways to serve local people confidently full of trust from them. For example, money was not the main thing in mind of all doctors while life was the most special thing in mindset of human resources in Sangkum Reastr Niyum Regime as well as Lon Nol Regime. “Satisfy the maximum needs of doctors and nurses first in order to bring the best health service to all local people!” “More standard service and code of conduct must be in force for all human resources in health science as the preparation for better future health service in Cambodia!” “Best! Special! Polite!”

By: POK Panhavuth