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Welcome to Cambodia!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pre-1975 Khmer Singers Alive After Pol Pot Regime

Pol Pot Regime in 3 years 8 months 20 days caused a nightmare for all Cambodian people; whoever's family in Cambodia was affected negatively losing their relatives, properties, health, etc. Famous people in Cambodia before April 17, 1975 were almost killed similar fate to other simple citizens, except some people escaped before the fall of Phnom Penh to Thailand and Vietnam and people who luckily hid their background in Pol Pot Regime. They were alive after this year zero regime. Khmer singers who survived from this regime for both escape and background hiding such as Mol Kamach (France), Keo Montha, Chhuon Malai, Seang Vanthy, Chhun Vanna (escape to Khao I Dang Camp in 1979 and now in the United States), Prince Norodom Sereyvuth, Hem Sovan (Cambodia), Koy Saroeum, So Savoeun (France), Dy Saveth (Cambodia), Pen Rorm (the United States, died in Long Beach 2005), Nak Mneang Seang Dy (escape to France in 1975 and later to the United State, now in Cambodia), Dy Sakhorn, Touch Saly, Long Sida (the United States), Keo Setha, and so on. 

Mol Kamach

Keo Montha

Chhuon Malai

Seang Vanthy, Younger Sister of Seang Dy

Keo Setha (Sin Sisamut)

Chhun Vanna

Prince Norodom Sereyvuth

Hem Sovann

Koy Sareum

So Savoeun

Dy Saveth

Pen Rorm, Younger Sister of Pen Rorn

Nak Mneang Seang Dy (SISOWATH Seang Dy)

Dy Sakhorn (Second Singer) [Sim Touch, the First Singer, Died in Pol Pot Regime]

Touch Saly

Long Sida