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Welcome to Cambodia!

Welcome to Cambodia!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Khmer New Year 2013 (Buddhism Year 2557)

Happy Khmer New Year 2013 (Buddhism Year 2557)!

"Leave worthless things, let's strongly hold action to achieve what you wish!"

"Happy Khmer New Year, Enjoy your life!"

"Let's make this Khmer New Year occasion your best holiday"

"Wish everyone more happiness, wealth, Beauty, and success for your new goals! Fighting!"

"Worthless, let's stop!"

"I will get you, my goal!"

"Let's work smart, NEVER to work hard again!"

"Book is the truth love, let's believe!"

"Nature! I love you!"

"Stop!!!! Do not hurt forest again!"

"Stronger Khmer Nation, stop playing game with the dependence on foreign!"

"Believe yourself, you can do it!"

"Enough! You are too fat now!"

"Change your set of old ideas, change for a sake of the better natural resource management!"

"Dynamic! Flexible! Share for Better!"

"Bravo!!! Preah Vihear Temple!"

"Let's unite!"

"Tradition! Development! Responsible!"

"Never to be a loser, let's change!"

"Smile! Smile! Let's show millions of smile!"

"Fail! Let's stand up!"

"Let's get new creative and positive ideas for better!"

"Good Self-Management! Positive Thinking! Ready!"

"You are the best! I will learn!"

"Change this! change that! Eliminate your weakness now!"