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Welcome to Cambodia!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Google Translation for Khmer Language Available Soon

Google Translation is the best tool on the internet to allow foreign readers to translate the language they do not understand to their native language. Many people experienced the benefit of this Google Translation tool to read the article in languages they never understand. Certainly, there are many languages around the world included in the tool, except Khmer Language.

Recently, the news released on Phnom Penh Post, Khmer Language will include to Google Translation as Mr. Heng Sovan, an IT Specialist participated in the project of Global Developer Group, said the process to convert Khmer Language to other languages is going on. The launch of Khmer Language in Google Translation will be expected for the end of this year. As a result, many blogs and websites using Khmer Language will benefit to get large amount of online visitors rather than just Khmer Speaking People. It should be noticed that many Cambodian people get interested to post the blog in Khmer Language, but less visitor went to the sites since less population of Cambodian going online!

In contrast, Cambodia citizens could catch up more opportunities to read the foreign article in Khmer Language for the good information and development around the world using Google. The link between Cambodia and the outside world would be reinforced and the cooperation will run more smoothly.

In short, Khmer Language promotion in Google Translation surely provide much advantages to the development of technology in Cambodia, especially bloggers posting in Khmer Language. It is not only good for Cambodia, but the other countries also are more convenient to read the articles of Khmer Language in their native language or English.