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Welcome to Cambodia!

Welcome to Cambodia!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Creative Songs, Most Related to Nature in Battambang

Having lost the treasure of the best lyricists and singers in Pol Pot Regime, not many talented people in Cambodia nowadays are found for last few decades. Certainly, some teen music and songs now were believed to copy from foreign artists while small amount of people do their best to create something new to promote the innovation for Khmer song lyrics. As a result, the phrases in most teen songs not really applied following the Khmer rhythm format; however, the best writing is found within the tourism songs written by Mr. Hun Heng suitable to the sweet voice of Son Sreypich. The best campaign goes promoting tourism in Cambodia among other ASEAN members along with many good songs viewed the natural site and ancient temples. The increasing of people get interested in the new tourism songs and voice of the singer and coincidentally admires the authors for better writing. At last, the new songs for a private production are produced for lyrics and music in order to remind the nature of Battambang province and love story between man and woman. Let's enjoy the creative songs as following:

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