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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Traffic Accident in Cambodia, The Most Concerned Issue for The Obstacle of Social Security

Traffic accident is the most concerned issue for Cambodian nowadays. The news for accident released so often for the serious damage as well as death and injury that seem the traffic out of controlled. Recently, two important and surprising cases of the traffic accident appeared on the local news and mouth. 

First case was in Phnom Penh, a female university student majoring in Health Science was so rude with her driving behavior caused the unacceptable tragedy. With the modern car, she hit a man near the traffic light just slightly injured. However, she drove very fast to escape because of the irresponsibility. Consequently, until near Ministry of Interior many motorbikes as well as the bicycles including adults, old people and primary school children were hit by her car seriously injured and dead. It was so pity, especially three children knowing nothing immediately died on the pavement. Anyway, she was caught by the police officers at the moment later on the second site of accident from her car plus two young men passengers supposed to be her younger brothers. The court decided to put her to prison plus punishment while her father accepted to compensate everything and felt so sorry for that tragedy.

Next, the news about the big traffic accident between the car of the famous pop star and the container truck on 8 March 2013 at night around eighth o'clock was lived on local TV and local news. The car of the popstar, Khemerak Sereymon with several co-workers was drove by the bodyguard of this singer in the direction from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville. Arriving in Prey Nup on the National Road No. 4, the container truck drove very fast in the opposite direction caused to fall the container on the car of Khemerak Sereymon while the driver tried to escape to other edge of the road. Unfortunately, they could not escape and the container fell down on their car. Because of irresponsibility for the driving action, the driver of the container truck ran away to disappear. Immediately, only Khemerak Sereymon was so quick to lay down on the car floor, so he was slightly injured. Two women as the dancers was also injured, but for the driver and other two young men were all died immediately. These two young men were reported as a son of the famous comedian, Mr. Chuong Chi called Neay Koy, and the famous traditional Ayai singer & comedian, Yeay Nang. Local citizens reported to ABC radio to announce the accident, so a moment later police officers and ambulance went there. While working on the site, other container truck came across so fast caused another accident on the same site and suddenly  killed an officer of the insurance company and another man died at the hospital. Similar to the previous container truck driver, this driver also escaped so quickly and disappeared.

In conclusion, traffic accident seems to occur because of the lack of morality and responsibility on the road, especially container truck driver. Many traffic accidents happened every day to be heard on the news, so many people now were so concerned about this issue that the government should take action for the proper control as the solution to tackle it. The driver should reconsider about the way they order their vehicle and people must be more careful while driving on the road for both in the city and rural area. "Traffic could no harm to people if everyone drives with responsibility and morality!"