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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Perspectives on Relationship of Khmer, Thai, Lao, Mon, Kuy, Hmong, Vietnamese, and Burmese

Khmer People

Mon People

Siam People (Thai people)

Burmese People

Lao People

Vietnamese People

Hmong  People

With the change of time quickly, the large amount of various ethnic groups immigrated into mainland South East Asia got married and lived with local ethnic groups and claimed for the new ethnic group with the ancient culture. However, Khmer, Kuy, Mon and other local ethnics have been living in the region and conserving their own culture as well as influencing to the newly arriving ethnics like Siam (Thai), Lao, and Burmese. In contrast, Vietnamese, Hmong and other Tai ethnics are strongly holding the Chinese tradition traveled southward similar to Siam and Lao people because of the pressure from Chinese and Mongolian about one thousand year ago. Since then, the conflict of land claim occurred never ending on the ground of passion for their own nations. War destroyed the good culture and peace of local ethnic group includes Khmer, Kuy, Mon and other local ethnic people in the region; millions were killed as well as captured as slave gradually to the newly kingdoms. Millions captured into the newly kingdom integrated into the new society and considered themselves as the people of new nation. Culture, arts, religion and language flew into the new culture of Siam, Lao and Burmese people mixed with their own ideas from previous culture in the South of China. 

The misunderstanding of history causes some of the youth of each country in mainland South East Asia to get angry for the common culture and language. The youth of a country accused other youth of another country as people stealing their culture, especially traditional dances. For instance, some Thai teenagers usually accused Khmer people to steal some of their traditional dances, but they seem to forget that Thai and Khmer culture share the common because of the same source of the ancient Angkor Empire of Khmer. Living in the part of Angkor in Sokhotey Province, people in this area had already practices of the tradition of Khmer in Angkor City. Siam people (Thai people) flowing from the south of China adapted the practice of Khmer art and language as the citizen of Angkor Power since Sokhotey and other provinces of Angkor Empire were once the territory of Angkor Empire before this was stolen by Siam people to create their first Kingdom. Not only gaining the land and culture of Khmer, Thai people also adapted the culture of Mon people who was so similar to Khmer Culture since the Khmer and Mon Kingdom were once the siblings Kingdom. Furthermore, two times of the conquer over Angkor City and one time of conquer over the Longvek city of Khmer Empire by Siam people, the culture, language, ancient documents of Angkor, art, and citizens including artists flew into Thai Kingdom and lastly integrated into their society in the central part of Thailand today. They do not even know that their blood surely descending from Khmer people and Mon people mixed with Tai people. 

After the fall of Khmer Empire, Khmer people certainly got the influence back from Thai society, but Khmer people still has their own practice of culture. At last, they charged these people as the robber of the culture and language through the historical misunderstanding. Similarly, Burmese and Lao people also should apply to these conditions meaning they all share the common culture of the ancient Khmer and Mon people. The discrimination should be eliminated as soon as possible since the culture of the ancient Khmer and Mon people seems to be our common culture. Therefore, all Khmer, Mon, Thai, Lao, Burmese should integrate together and strongly help each other towards the future development instead of the passion for more territory and the genocide of Khmer and Mon people who are already weak because of the war. Not only dedicated to Khmer and Mon, but also for other ethnic people as well includes Kuy, Shan, Hmong, Karen, Cham, Tai, Malay, and other ethnics living in this mainland region. 

On the other hand, Vietnamese who strongly practices the Chinese concept and the communism should stop their genocide on the ethnic group in Vietnam, especially Khmer Krom. Historically, Cham and Khmer people (aka Khmer Krom) were killed as the purpose of old Vietnamese people for the genocide of culture as well people belongs to ethnic group. Millions of Cham and Khmer people were killed gradually through the passion of stealing territory from Khmer Empire and Champa Kingdom. In spite of the different culture and race, Vietnamese should reconsider for the social works as the benefits not only to Vietnamese, but all people living in Vietnam. Nowadays, it is believed that Khme Krom people live in Vietnam with the pressure on the cultural practice of Khmer Empire. They are forced to change some the practice, especially for traditional clothing and housing. The discrimination should sharply stop for this region.

In short, the relationship of the mentioned ethnics above is not good yet for some condition. Therefore, there is a request for solidarity and integration of each nation and common culture for better future of all. "Love your people, Let's give truth love to others as well" "Discrimination is the disease of the mainland South East Asia today" "The better future development for all is the most important approach for all people living in this mainland SEA today!"