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Welcome to Cambodia!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Last Solidarity for Former King Norodom Shihanouk Varman

Living so long and contributing much effort to develop Cambodia since French Colonial, Former King Norodom Shihanouk Varman has been being praised and admiring as the national hero for Kingdom of Cambodia (Modern Khmer Empire). Last word and song of him made all Khmer people around the world so sad, still praying for his soul to lay in peace and to protect Cambodia as well as her people from all dangers and enemies. Getting birth on 31 October 1922, King Norodom Shihanouk Varman became the King of Cambodia twice. It is sure for his best achievement for economic development in Cambodia during 1950s and 1960s making Cambodian citizens so happy and proud to live this peaceful island among mother nature. All infrastructural construction had been built so fast to adapt Cambodia to the economic growth of the world. All products using inside the country were made by the hand of Khmer people and factories under the control of the government. Even though he was cheated by some foreign countries being far or close, he never changed his wish for Cambodia to grow up. Rumors on King for loving art has been released throughout the countrywide for negative criticism whereas art is the true way of expression and entertainment for human being. His speech and behavior taught many Cambodian people the way of life for ancient Khmer.  His last achievement is the peace-keeping in homeland again in early 1990s after the fire burnt this country down for over two decades. Therefore, all residents love him very much and never to forget him as the best leader for Khmer Empire. Hearing the death of King on 15 October 2012, thousands people came to pay respect along the road on the day of transferring his death body back to Royal Palace from the airport. Only tear and condolence along the boulevards on the day taking him from Beijing made people more sad to lose such a valuable person. Similarly, the four days of cremation ceremony in Phnom Penh from 01 to 04 February 2013 loud the power of solidarity for Khmer Nation; crowd gathering near royal palace and main boulevards to go along for the soul of King Shihanouk to the new peaceful world. Traditional cremation ceremony help proceed the way of life in Cambodia attracting thousands tourists to see how the Khmer Culture is. Firing the gun loudly, the line of people dressing traditionally walked along the main boulevards at the same time as thousands of people standing on the both side pavement. Not only in Phnom Penh, but also  people throughout the country prayed and put the national flag in the middle. Taking photograph of the Independent Monument surrounding by line of cremation ceremony participants and ordinary people, life of Cambodia has been being seen for the better and better change. In the evening of 04 February 2013, the royal cremation was done for Former King Norodom Shihanouk with the royal name after world "Preah Borom Rattanak Korth". In the morning of 05 February 2013, the ash of King was spread to the Chaktomuk River, the powerful river of Phnom Penh Capital. "Being a good leader, giving up the proud and be simple to lead for prosperity from heart!"

By: POK Panhavuth
(Photos and videos credit to all photographers during the ceremony)